Child labour in Zambia: Legislative attempt to eliminate work hazardous to children

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Phiri, Moses
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This Obligatory Essay is concerned with child labour and the existing legislation in Zambia. The Essay looks at the legal framework in place. Specific reference is made to the existing laws which affect the child in Zambia. The Essay also looks at the enforcement mechanisms and the extent to which these contribute towards the elimination of work hazardous to children.Even though child labour laws are not in themselves adequate to eliminate child labour, they are potentially one of the most powerful instruments available to governments to deal directly with the workplace endangerment of children. Any effective policy to eliminate child labour, and especially the participation of children in hazardous work, should ensure the country enjoys the benefit of a solid framework of child labour laws. These laws exist not as a substitute for basic socio-economic changes, but as a complement to them. They seek to articulate and shape social practices by anchoring them in universally accepted values concerning the dignity of the human person, respect for human rights, and the protection of the weak and vulnerable. They provide a yardstick for what is and is not permissible in the world of work, and thereby provide a framework for establishing a fair and just employment relationship.In Zambia, the problem of child labour is critical and is growing in terms of magnitude and dimension. It affects both male and female children. It has also very serious socio-economic ramifications on society and the country at large.The Essay concludes with an appraisal of the significance of the study, general prescriptive comments and offers some specific policy recommendations. in
Children Rights-Zambia , Labour laws-Zambia