A cross sectional questionnaire-based study on client satisfaction with Community pharmacy care in Lusaka District

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Mulubwa, Victor
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The main objectives of this study are to estimate the levels of patron satisfaction with community pharmacy care, to describe those with low satisfaction scores and to determine the reasons for purchase of drugs. This was a cross sectional questionnaire based study that was conducted in Lusaka involving six community pharmacies representing zones used by the pharmaceutical society for monitoring. The study was conducted in eight geographical units which are Chawama,Chilenje,City Centre , Matero , Manda hill , UTH , Chelstone and Kanyama.Patrons were asked to fill in a standard questionnaire. Patrons were asked about demographic data, referral, reason for purchase of drugs, pattern of drug use, men’s and women’s problems, duration of drug use, satisfaction domains and tangibles. These clients were between 18 and 49 years old. Patrons had to fill in a questionnaire and consent had to be obtained before filling in. The key concluding remarks are as follows:- 1. Only 36% of patrons were satisfied. 2. Assurance had the highest score 52.6% and reliability had the lowest score 21.2% on the satisfaction domains. 3. On reason for purchase of drugs sugar disease had the highest score 42.9% and diarrhoea had the lowest scores 27.3%. Despite the above findings, much work remained to be done. There is need to do similar research in other parts of the country so that the picture obtained elsewhere can be compared to the findings. This could help to:- • Identify pharmacy care that needs improvement • Identify potential area of pharmacy care that needs performance assessment • Inform managers and policy makers. • Guide the training of pharmacists from University of Zambia.
Pharmacy , Community Pharmacy