Effect of porcine testicular fluid incorporated in fish feed on the growth and performance of oreochromis andersonaii

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M'hone, Judith
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University of Zambia
This study designed to evaluate the potential of porcine testicular fluid incorporated in feed on the growth performance of Tilapia (Oreochromis andersonaii) fry. A total of 150 fiveday- old fry with an average weight of 60mg were randomly allocated to two sets of experimental aquaria with three replicates for each. Two diets were formulated; one by incorporating 250ml of the testicular fluid to the diet and the other incorporating testicular fluid that had been treated with activated charcoal. The diets were randomly distributed among the experimental units in a completely randomized design. The fiy were fed twice a day at a fixed feeding rate of 20% body weight and cultured over a period of 64 days. Morphometric parameters like total body weight, standard length and total fiy length were measured and evaluated. There were significant differences amongst the results of each measured parameter between the fry fed on the testicular fluid sprayed diet (TFS) and the steroid-free testicular fluid sprayed diet (STFS). The average weight of the fish were 0.12±0.005 and 0.09±0.004 (P=0.006); whilst standard lengths obtained were 1.5±0.03 and 1.4±0.02 (P=0.007); and total lengths measured were 1.9±0.03 and 1.8±0.029 (P=0.04) for the TFS and STFS diets respectively. The results obtained therefore, suggest that testicular fluid can be used as growth promoter to influence the growth and development of fry in intensive aquaculture.
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Fishes , Fishes-Feeding and Feeds