Value of traditional ceremonies in socio-economic development: a case of some selected traditional ceremonies in Zambia

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Daka, Harrison
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International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE)
Zambia has a rich history and diversity of traditional ceremonies. Traditional ceremonies are a time honoured form of communication and provide a vibrant record of common heritage. This article developed out of a study to establish the value of traditional ceremonies plays in socio – economic development. Data was collected through interviews and observation of activities and practices across selected traditional ceremonies in Zambia. Findings revealed that traditional ceremonies add value to socio – economic development in different ways and therefore there is need to manage them well by the state. From the findings, it was recommended that there is need to carefully explore and document the enormous socioeconomic benefits inherent in Zambia’s multiple traditional ceremonies so as to derive lesson and opportunities that can inform economic growth and social development. In addition, there is also need to streamline access to and disbursement of the budgetary allocations for activities related to traditional ceremonies such as research (by institutions of learning) documentation of traditional knowledge. Keywords: Traditional Ceremonies, Culture and Society, Socio – economic, Development
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Traditional ceremonies--Socio economic development--Zambia