Teaching and learning integrated science: an analysis of the challenges teachers and learners with vsual impairments face in Chinsali district, Zambia.

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Silondwa Oswell & Muzata Kenneth Kapalu
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International Journal of Education and Research
This study is an analysis of the challenges faced by learners with visual impairments in learning integrated science in Chinsali district, Muchinga Province of Zambia. A qualitative case study design was used. The sample comprised four (4) teachers and eight (8) visually- impaired learners all purposively sampled for the study. In-depth face –to- face interviews and focus group discussions were used to collect data. Data were analysed thematically. Findings revealed learners faced challenges in learning integrated science. Challenges included lack of specialised materials for science subjects and limitations in teaching skills on the part of teachers, to convert science concepts into units that could be easily understood by learners with visual impairments. From the findings, it appears the learning of integrated science for learners with visual impairments is faced with numerous challenges that tend to obscure the prospects of learning science. Unless something is done to improve the attitudes towards teaching science and improving the supply of specialised materials to learners with visual impairments, hopes for achieving the goals of learning science remain questionable especially for learners with visual impairments.
Visual impairment--Study and teaching. , Integrated science--Study and teaching. , Visual impairment.
Silondwa, O. & Muzata, K.K. (2019).Teaching and Learning Integrated Science: An Analysis of the Challenge Teachers, and Learners with Visual Impairments Face in Chinsali District-Zambia. International Journal of Education and Research, Vol. 7 (10), PP 113-124.