The role and effectiveness of the Police Public Complaints Authourity in dealing with complaints against the Police in Zambia

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Mwanza, Moonga Desmond
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The Role and Effectiveness of the Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA) is discussed in this directed research under the Zambian Police Act Chapter 107 and its subsequent Zambia Police (Amendment) Acts No.l4 of 1999 and No.15 of 2008. Further reference is made to the Force Standing Orders and Force Instructions as guides that were traditionally used in handling and dealing with complaints made by members of the public against Police action or misconduct .The research also looks at the nature of complaints which necessitated the establishment of the Authority. An attempt is also made to discuss similar watchdog institutions in the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand and the Permanent Human Rights Commission in Zambia. The research starts by analyzing the legal basis for the establisliment of the Authority. In Chapter two the legal framework giving authority and scope of police functions as given by the Constitution of Zambia and the Zambia Police Act is discussed. The rationale for the establishment of the Authority is also discussed including the law that led to the creation of the Authority. Secondly Chapter three reviews the law governing the operations of the Authority. This encapsulates the composition of the Authority, its role and the nature of cases it deals with and how it disposes them off the power of the Authority is also investigated including the category of complaints and complainants analyzed. This Chapter goes further to discuss different categories of recipients of complaints on behalf of the Authority and how proceedings are conducted including the maintenance of a register of complaints.
Police Administration-Zambia , Police Complaints Against-Zambia , Police Management-Zambia