An assessment of small-scale farmers' entrepreneurship skills in Zambia's Chongwe District

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Mundia, Moonga Andrew
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University of Zambia
The main objective of this study was to determine entrepreneurship skills and development levels among small scale farmers. It is based on sample survey data from Chongwe district of Lusaka Province of Zambia. Collected data was analyzed in Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to generate descriptive statistics. Frequency distribution tables were generated to calculate each response as a percentage of the total responses available for a particular question. The study considered characteristics of the-beneficiaries such as the level of education, experience in farming, gender and age. In terms of the entrepreneurship skills that were used to assess the farmers' entrepreneurship skill development level, most farmers considered themselves that they were moderately skilled in networking and utilising contacts (47.8%) followed by creating and evaluating a business strategy (46.7% ). Recognizing and realizing opportunities was the least among the three listed entrepreneurial skill that farmers (27.2%) indicated were moderately skilled. However, indications were also that majority (41.3%)) farmers considered themselves being somewhat skilled in recognizing and realizing opportunities, when asked how important they considered these skills. The highest responses were obtained with regard to skills pertaining to both networking and utilising contacts; and creating and evaluating a business strategy. Each of which was rated very important by majority farmers (46.7%) i.e. for each one) In view of the findings, it is recommended that government should introduce direct incentives in order to encourage farmers to take advantage of existing education and extension offers or participate in projects for youth entrepreneurs. Furthermore, offer more entrepreneurship skills promotional activities aimed at enhancing existing skills
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Social Responsibility of Business , Farmers-training of-Chongwe, Zambia , Entrepreneurship-Zambia , Life skills