Factors contributing to low attendance at mwami family planning clinic.

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Chilufya - Sikateyo, Theresa C.
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The objective of the study is to determine the factors contributing to low attendance at Mwami Family Planning Clinic, in order to find solutions to the problem. The literature survey shows that the problems of low attendance at Family Planning Clinics seem to be similar in most countries. A few problems cited in the literature include traditional values, misconception about Family Planning in terms of side effects and emphasis in urban than rural areas. A randomly selected sample of 5O women of child bearing age was selected from clinics - antenatal, family planning and children's. Data was collected in April 1991 using an interview schedule since most of the respondents were of low educational level. In the study infornation from women about number of children they had, who decided on how many children to have, their knowledge about family planning, and reasons for not practicing family planning was established. Some of the major findings in this study were: majority of women were not practicing family planning, and the main reason for not practicing being that they still wanted to have children. The study also found out that these women were using other forms of traditional methods of family planning.
Birth control. , Birth control --Zambia. , Family planning services --Zambia.