Women and their legal protection: An African experience with specific reference to Zambia

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Musonda, Kaongo
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The woman in society has been subjected to an awful lot of injustices ranging from being perceived and treated as the weaker sex to an outright denial of access to equal opportunities with their male counterparts in spheres such as education, employment and the like. Therefore, with the basic understanding that every human being is equal irrespective of their gender, one realizes that the marginalisation that women have been subjected to is totally unjustified.To that extent this study is an endeavour to look at why it has been justified or the rationale behind the "extra" legal protection of women over and above that which men in modern society enjoy. This has been done by looking, generally at the African Continent and specifically at the Zambian context.Therefore, the objective of this research has been:-To illustrate the background of the present need to concretize/strengthen the Legalprotection of the rights of women in society;To show that there is an indispensable need to protect women from societal injustices and/ or generational prejudices.To make recommendations on what should be done to secure a sustainable and lasting solution to address the aforestated injustices.In order to accomplish this, there are 4 chapters in this paper; with Chapter One looking at the fundamental principles of women's rights as an instance of human rights; chapter two focuses on what has necessitated the extra promotion and protection of women's rights on the African continent; Chapter three looks at the status of women and the reasons for justifying their extra legal protection in Zambia; and chapter four encompasses some recommendations to remedy the problem of gender inequalities both in Zambia and Africa on the African continent..
Women-legal Status,Laws-Zambia