Investigating into the effects of planning and scheduling : a case of Anvil mining Congo SA, electrical engineering section.

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Kiyanga, Christian
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The University of Zambia
In any company, the planning and scheduling process is unavoidable. This research investigated its effects in the electrical section of Anvil Mining Congo SA. In this company, the focus of planning and scheduling, particularly on equipment, is on preventative maintenance rather than actions such as repair, replacement, and installation. This research aimed to evaluate the changes in the performance of the electrical engineering section which currently lacks the daily planning and scheduling process. The research used a quantitative approach with observations and desk study as instruments for data collection. The data that was collected included the duration (time) and the human resources allocated to particular activities. Data with and without daily planning and scheduling were compared to evaluate the changes in the section’s performance over a study period of 30 months. After implementing the daily planning and scheduling process, the total duration to complete works of the analysed activities was reduced by 44% while the human resources allocated to the activities were reduced by 43%. The efficiency of the section increased from 73% in December 2019 and 83% in December 2020 to 96% in December 2021. The preventive maintenance backlog reduced from 57% in January 2019, 54% in January 2020 and 59% in April 2021 to 3% in December 2021. The company’s electrical section is currently implementing a pilot planning and scheduling process after which a decision will be made on whether to switch to full-scale implementation or not. Keywords: Planning; Scheduling; Backlog; Efficiency; Human Resource.
Electrical engineering--Performance of. , Planning and scheduling. , Planning and scheduling--Mining.