Web and mobile based examination results dissemination and verification system using authenticated encryption : a case of technical education vocational and entrepreneurship training authority.

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Mseteka, Lister
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The University of Zambia
ABSTRACT Institutions of higher learning retain sensitive data making them highly attractive targets for cybercrime . However, most developing countries and public higher institutions of learning have low levels of I nformation and C ommunication T echnology (ICT) and hence face challenges in securing inform ation and information systems. Therefore, the dissemination of students’ examination results by public higher institutions through web and mobile applications usually raise security concerns on how to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of students’ examination results due to susceptibility of web and mobile applications to cyber attacks In this study, a model was designed for secure storage and dissemination of students’ examination results using encryption and cryptographic hash functi ons to provide information security objectives of confidentiality, integrit y and authenticity assurances on students’ examination results. T he study was guided by three (3) objectives. A baseline study was conducted to determine the challenges faced by Zam bia’s Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) and students regarding dissemination of students’ examination results in order to address objective number one (1). The results from the study indicate that the current TEVETA business processes have a number of irregularities. These include candidate registration, storage of students’ examination results and dissemination of students’ examination results. The results from the baseline study were used to design a model wh ich was then used to develop the prototype in order to address the second (2) and third (3) objective. The results obtained from the test and evaluation of the developed prototype based on the model showed not only improved efficiency in dissemination of e xamination results but also confidentiality of students’ results through encryption as well of integrity of students’ examination results through detection of altered students’ examination results during transmission and storage through cryptographic hash function.
Thesis of Masters of Engineering in Information Communication Technology Security