A Comprehensive Guide to Employment Law in Zambia

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Mwenda, Winnie Sithole
Chungu, Chanda J
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University of Zambia Press
A Comprehensive Guide to Employment Law in Zambia is a comprehensive and current exposition of Zambian labour law. The authors analyse and summarise both individual and collective employment law in Zambia, starting with the historical development of employment law, and including its sources in the Constitution, legislation, case law, the common law and international labour standards. The book provides excellent overview of key employment concepts such as terms of the contract of employment, basic conditions of employment, health and safety, workplace discipline and remedies for unfair and wrongful dismissal. Since 2019 the nature, scope and content of Labour Law in Zambia landscape has been dramatically transformed with the enactment of the Employment Code Act In 2019. The authors endeavour to critically engage with and provide an overview of the important and significant changes to the contract of employment, basic conditions of employment and benefits enjoyed by employees. The adoption of the Employment Code Act introduces new concepts such as a medical entitlement for all employees, the duty on employers to provide housing as well as improved provisions in relation to annual, sick, maternity and family responsibility leave. Crucially the new Act provides for mandatory gratuity for long-term employees and specific severance payments at the end of the employment relationship. This second edition also provides a more extensive overview of the important Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Industrial Relations Division decisions that have guided labour law in Zambia. A Comprehensive Guide to Employment Law in Zambia will be a valuable reference text for legal professionals, law students, employers, workers and their representatives, and laypersons, especially as it was drafted in line with the new law governing Employment Law in Zambia. This book is available for sell as the University of Zambia, Law Association of Zambia, Bookworld, Grey Matter or call +260975290888/cjchungu@gmail.com
allowances , benefits , basic conditions of employment , terms of employment , conditions of service , redundancy , operational requirements , social security , gratuity , severance pay , valid reason , notice , payment in lieu of notice