The role of patents in promoting Economic Development in Zambia

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Mandumbwa, Francis C.
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This essay is aimed at examining the role that the law can pay in bringing about economic development to Zambia.Specifically,the study looks at the role patent protection plays in bringing about development to a developing country like Zambia. The essay is set in motion by giving a synopsis of the law of intellectual property. Then the background of the concept of patent protection is described. The paper shows how patent protection found its way into Zambia and how the country has been an active player in international and regional treaties advancing the frontiers of patent protection. The essay then indicates what relationship exists between stronger patent protection and FDI and between the former and public health. Further, the paper considers the effect that stronger patent protection has on economic development from viewpoint of a developing country. Then the essay considers the relationship between strong patent protection and technological transfer to Zambia. Ultimately it was found that there is no clear relationship between stronger patent protection and economic development to a developing country in this case Zambia. Critical analysis shows that the relationship between sturdy patent protection and economic development is said by economists and lawyers to be represented by a U-shaped curve. That is to say stronger patent protection will initially have a negative relationship with development, especially if the country involved is a developing country. But eventually stronger patent protection pays off. It has finally been recommended that if patent protection should contribute significantly to the economic development of Zambia, the government should among other things increase the budgetary allocation for R&D, embark on student exchange programs with developed countries, encourage local research institutions such as Universities by sponsoring developmental projects.
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