Relevance of teacher induction programmes in promoting professional development of teachers in Zambia.

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Mwelwa, K.
Mwanza, P
M'sango, H.J.
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This paper highlights the relevance of teacher induction programmes in the professional development of new teachers in Zambia. With regards to research methodology, the authors reviewed and critically analysed various induction-related pieces of literature from both local and international empirical studies, education policy documents and practice papers. The paper begins by conceptualizing the meaning of induction in Teacher Education. It gives an illuminating insight into the significance of induction programmes in promoting teacher quality and professionalism. After carefully analysing Zambia’s current situation in so far as beginning teacher induction programmes is concerned in comparison to other international practices, the paper raises a number of critical points upon which policy makers, managers and teachers in the education sector may reflect to inform policy on the indispensability of effective induction programmes in promoting professional practice among those joining the teaching profession.
Induction , New teachers , Professional growth , Classsroom perfomance , Student achievment
Mwelwa, K; Mwanza, P and Msango, H.J. (2015). “Relevance of Teacher Induction Programmes in Promoting Professional Development of Teachers in Zambia.” Zambia Journal of Teacher Professional Growth. Vol. 2 (2), pp. 31-44.