Assessing the effects of women's participation in income generating programmes at International Trust for the education of Zambian Orphans and Women in Kamanga Township, Lusaka District

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Chiluba, Temba
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Income generating program are programmes which provide loans and assist people to develop small business and crafts. They allow people to become self-sufficient and cover a wide range of activities such as traditional bee keeping, poultry baskets weaving and knitting. Their main aim is to promote profitable management of economic resources such as optimal productive use of idle land, existing facilities and other technical equipment.This study was conducted to assess the effects of women‟s participation in income Generating Programmes at International Trust for the Education of Zambian Orphans and Widows (ITEZOW). Thirty-three respondents were sampled using stratified random sampling method. All respondents were students who had graduated from ITEZOW and were currently running their own Businesses. The study revealed that most of the women enrolled for the programmes because they were vulnerable hence wanted to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to improve their welfare. Some enrolled because they expected to be in formal employment upon completion while others enrolled because they were simply interested in the courses being offered. The study also revealed that the participation of women in income Generating activity had a positive effect on most women‟s lives. Most women were able to meet their financial, social – economic, as well as their children‟s academic needs. The study recommended among other things the following: Non- Governmental Organization in general should ensure knowledge received in income generating programmes suit the needs of participants and that priority be given to the physically challenged individual
Businesswomen , Entreprenurs,Women , Women in Business