Developing Small-Scale Mining in Malawi

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Chipili, Evance E.M.
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Malawi is endowed with a variety of mineral resources. Predominant among these are gemstones, industrial minerals, construction mineral materials and fuel minerals such as coal. However, most of these are small deposits, amenable by small-scale mining (SSM). Therefore, the promotion and development of SSM can be considered an important option for exploiting these mineral resources of the country. Once developed, SSM has the potential to contribute significantly to the economy of the country. Efforts by government institutions to assist the mining and minerals sector have not brought the expected level of development in the sector. Consequently, most of the minerals remain unexploited.The principal objective of this study is to identify sectoral constraints associated with technical,administrative, financial and legal factors, which directly and indirectly affect investment and development of SSM. A review is made of the status of the mining sector and mineral development potential. The study further suggests promotional strategies required for the successful development of the SSM sector in Malawi.Recommendations are given which emphasise on a vigorous approach and commitment by Government and other key players in the sector in implementing the strategies for the development of SSM in Malawi.
Mining (Malawi)