Police brutality in the enforcement of criminal law in Zambia,an overview

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Chibuye, Sandra
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The police, as law enforcement officers in Zambia have been given a mandate to protect the citizens of Zambia and to maintain law and order, the community is expected to run to the police for protection. The police officers in Zambia today are the most feared because that they have taken the law in their own hands by brutalising the very citizens whom they are supposed to protect even as they enforce criminal law. Brutality has become so prevalent in Zambia and the sad thing is that in most cases the culprits are not punished. The essay looks at the provisions of relevant pieces of legislation that provide against brutality, it also looks at some of the remedial responses to brutality as well as the active remedial institutions. It was however so found that much as the law in a way provide against acts of brutality, it is not all enveloping, it leaves loopholes that leave room for the swelling number of brutality cases. It is suggested that the law must envelope all relevant loopholes and also, police officers must receive stiffer punishment within the revised machinery of legislation. In turn, the police will assume their rightful place in society.
Trials (Torture) -Zambia , Police brutality--Zambia