Application of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in records management.

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Mulauzi, Felesia.
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Library and Information Association of Zambia (LIAZ)
Modern technologies have become the foundation for process improvement and increased accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency in most organizations today. Records Management (RM) is one area in which the use of technology has become inevitable. Rapidly growing technological that can be used to effectively manage organizations records have been on the rise. This paper reviewed literature on application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the management of records. It highlights the importance of records and records management including consequences that may arise for poorly managing records in an organization. Traditional RM practices and its associated benefits and challenges have been explored. The paper explains how varied RM technologies can be employed to different records problems including the types of technology-based records management solutions, the benefits of technology-based records management solutions, key functions of records management software, basic criteria for evaluating and selecting a RM, and challenges of e-records management systems. The paper concludes that while organizations and records managers in particular are encouraged to take advantage of technology-based records management solutions to effectively and efficiently manage their records, electronic records systems should not be introduced without the essential processes and controls for the capture, long-term safeguarding and accessibility of electronic records that should safeguard the integrity of records relating to quality, comprehensiveness, accuracy, adequacy, completeness and authenticity. There is need to ensure that e-records systems provide trusted information that is relevant, reliable, accurate, complete and useable.
Records management software. , Electronic records management. , Record formats. , Digitization. , E-records. , E-filing. , Records management.