Investigating the knowledge sharing culture among academicians in higher learning institutions in Zambia.

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Daka, Kaoma L.
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The research examined the existence of a knowledge sharing culture among academics in higher learning institutions (HLIs) ins Zambia. It specifically sought to investigate knowledge sharing and identify factors that either aid or hinder knowledge sharing activities among academics. The exercise was carried out through a survey of 15 randomly selected colleges and universities in the country. The data was collected via self-administered questionnaires and interviews. The first involved administering 135 questionnaires, while the second involved conducting interviews with 15 key informants from management level in the sampled HLIs as a means of verifying the data collected through the questionnaires. After carefully analyzing the data, the study found that a knowledge sharing culture exists among academics in HLI in Zambia. It was found that academics engaged in frequent knowledge exchanges among themselves and preferred doing so in meetings and through person-to-person interactions. Institutional policies and knowledge sharing initiatives were identified as the major factors influencing knowledge sharing, while lack of motivation and inadequate infrastructure support as the major hindrances to knowledge sharing. The results brought to the fore information on the state of knowledge sharing in higher education in Zambia and draws attention to factors that influence knowledge sharing activities. It recommended that (i) further research be undertaken to identify academics' knowledge seeking behaviour and (ii) the formulation of relevant policies to address the need for motivators and improved infrastructure support. These would enable HLIs leverage their knowledge in today's competitive world.
knowledge sharing. , Academics. , Knowledge management.