Provision of learning and teaching materials for pupils with visual impairment: results from a national survey in Zambia.

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Akakandelwa, Akakandelwa
Munsanje, Joseph
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The aim of this study was to determine the provision of learning and teaching materials for pupils with visual impairment in basic and high schools of Zambia. A survey approach utilizing a questionnaire, interviews and a review of the literature was adopted for the study. The findings demonstrated that most schools in Zambia did not provide adequate and suitable learning and teaching materials to pupils with visual impairment. Further, many schools did not have resource rooms for storage and use of learning and teaching materials for these pupils. Though most schools have a policy for procurement of learning and teaching materials, their budgetary allocations for such activities are usually too small or non-existent. Consequently, most children with visual impairment appear to perform poorly in their studies and are required to drop science and mathematics subjects due to lack of teaching and learning materials. The study recommends that a good infrastructure is required to ensure the development of quality learning and teaching materials, a workable procurement system, an effective and efficient distribution system of learning and teaching materials, and teacher training in the use of materials for the children.
Access. , Education. , Teaching materials. , Visual impairment. ,