Sports regulation implementation and control challenges of Zambian proffessional ,boxing and wrestling

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Masiye, Sylvia N.D.
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Jurisdictions worldwide have sought legislative means to regulate combat sports so as to ensure that order is maintained and reduce the risk of participants being exploited. Likewise, Zambia has long relied on the Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Act Cap 156 of 1977. The Act has been subjected to a number of amendments in a bid to bring it in line with international trends in the regulation of the two sports disciplines. The most recent change was through the Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control (Amendment) Act 2010. This Amendment Act sought to cure general defects in the principal Act including the need to establish a single professional boxing and wrestling regulatory Board as well as revise the provisions relating to the powers of the Board. This is all.This research was inspired by the need to investigate the challenges to the effective implementation of regulatory policies in the two sports following the amendments of Act No. 33 of 2010. It also examined the effect of the various changes made to the principal Act so as to assess their impact on the revival of the two sports in Zambia. An appraisal of combat sports regulation in the United Kingdom and Nevada in the United States of America was carried out in order to gain an appreciation of alternative sports regulatory mechanisms and offer possible solutions to implementation challenges faced by the Zambian Board.The research concluded that Act No 33 of 2010 has effected positive change to some aspects of the regulation of boxing and wrestling in Zambia. However, further findings indicate the fact that the Zambian Board mainly faces financial constraints and requires a greater amount of independence to raise much needed capital intended to revamp the two sports disciplines. Therefore, the research mainly recommends a shift to self regulation for the Board by changing the law to allow for the election of its members rather than appointment by the Minister.
Sports and State , Sports--law and legislation