The Impact of Sources of Funding for political parties on Democracy in Zambia

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Daka, Boniface
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The University of Zambia clinic in an effort to ensure that quality health care is provided to the University of Zambia Community the clinic keeps a number of records about the demography, medical history, diagnosis and treatment of this community. All these records are kept in a manual system, this involves storing all this information on hand written paper.This manual system poses a number of challenges to the institution's performance as it is time consuming and has a high error rate. To mitigate these challenges an electronic medical record management system has been implemented which shall ensure that most records are electronically stored and accessible in real time. The system shall improve the performance and reduce errors that are caused by the manual system.In this project a pharmacy/medicine storage and dispensary module has been designed and implemented on group project. This module will help to provide information about the drugs that are in stock and those that need to be ordered.
Political parties funding