An assessment of factors causing employees’ absenteeism from work among health workers in rural parts of Zambia: a case study of Chadiza district.

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Daka, Harrison
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Journal of Lexicography and Terminology
Staff absenteeism is a global management problem that affects most organisations. Staff absenteeism in health facilities is alarming, and yet factors affecting absenteeism are not fully understood and documented to guide managers for appropriate action. In 2012, the Ministry of Health (MoH, 2012) reported that 80 percent of Zambians now depend on complementary and alternative healthcare. One of the contributing factors to people seeking healthcare from private institutions has been attributed to absenteeism among health workers in public health facilities. Based on information from HR officers in health facilities, absenteeism rate was calculated at 12.5%. (Ministry of Health Chadiza, 2023). Therefore, the objectives of the study were; to identify the factors causing employees’ absenteeism; to ascertain the repercussions of employees’ absenteeism, and to identify measures that can help prevent health workers’ absenteeism from work. To achieve the objectives, the study conducted a survey of 106 health workers in selected health facilities of Chadiza District, and 4 key informants. The study used mixed method research. The study used descriptive and causal research designs. Data was analysed by obtaining descriptive statistics such as means, frequencies and percentages, and the study used logistic regression analysis to statistically determine factors causing employee absenteeism. The results from the logistic regression found alcohol/drug abuse to be statistically significant, illness/health problem, family responsibilities, bad working culture, irregular supervision, and inadequate motivation to be statistically significant in causing employees’ absenteeism from work. Repercussions of employee absenteeism from work were found to be increased deaths, prolonged illnesses, loss of public confidence, increased cost on government, and unhealthy nation. The study therefore recommended that management should assist employees address personal problems like alcohol abuse, illness and family responsibilities; design employee motivation strategies, and design employee supervision program that is efficient and effective. Key words: Absenteeism, Employees, Causes, Repercussions, Measures