Effects of storage conditions on the quality of eggs in open markets

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Kasonka, Willy
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The University of Zambia
study was done to evaluate external and internal egg quality, comparing those stored and sold under informal facilities and those sold in commercial facilities. The quality traits that were examined were egg weight, egg shape index, shell thickness, shell weight, albumin height, albumin pH, yolk pH and yolk width. The eggs used in the study were obtained from three :ommercial facilities and three informal facilities. These outlets have different storage methods, rhe effects of source of eggs on the quality traits were fovmd to be significant (p<0.05) for all the traits except egg shape index, yolk width and yolk pH. Egg weights were higher in eggs that were obtained from commercial facilities as compared to those from the informal facilities. Albumen height was lower in eggs from the informal facilities but albumen pH was higher. Therefore, it was concluded that eggs obtained from informal facilities were of lower quality than those from commercial facilities. This implies that storage conditions have significant effects on egg quality. This may affect processing and quality of products in which eggs are included. Further, consumers need to be aware of possible health risks associated with deteriorated quality of eggs stored under open environments.
Eggs--Zambia , Egg--Quality