Characteristics of Road Traffic Accidents Victims with Special Reference to Alchohol intoxication in the University Teaching Hospital

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Mulundika, Jacqueline I.M.
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This prospective study carried out in the Casualty Unit of the Department of Surgery at the University Teaching Hospital is an effort to document the role of alcohol in road traffic accidents. It examines the presence of alcohol in blood samples of one hundred consenting road traffic accident casualties aged 15 years and above. The aims were to determine the incidence of alcohol intoxication in Road Traffic Accident (R.T.A.) victims, presenting to the University Teaching Hospital Casualty Section and to determine whether there is a relationship between the blood alcohol levels and the severity of injuries in these casualties.The results showed a high incidence of alcohol intoxication (58%) in the R.T.A. victims with a male predominance. Victims in the age group of 15 - 34 years were found to be in the majority of those involved in road traffic accidents. There was no significant relationship between blood alcohol levels and injury severity in these casualties. There is a great need to institute preventive measures to reduce this problem of road traffic accidents and alcohol intoxication.
Traffic Accidents--Zambia