An examination of the adquacy of the law on common leashold schemes in Zambia

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Mwenda, Etambuyu Koreen
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A Common Leasehold Scheme refers to a scheme registered under the Common Leasehold Schemes Act for the division of a parcel of land and its buildings into units.The law on common leasehold schemes in Zambia is greatly dependant on the common leasehold schemes Act which was enacted in 1994 and has never been amended. Although the idea to introduce Common Leasehold Schemes in Zambia was welcome by most Zambians, the move was done in a hurry without putting in place a proper legal and institutional framework to govern Common Leasehold Schemes in Zambia.This research examines the adequacy of the law on common leasehold schemes in Zambia. Chapter one introduces the problems and provides a historical background to the common leasehold scheme system. Chapter two critically analyses the Common Leasehold Schemes Act by exploring the provisions of the Act. Chapter three discusses the legal and institutional framework for the administration of common leasehold schemes in Zambia, and examines the effectiveness of the institutions. Chapter four gives the study's conclusions and recommendations.
Leases-Zambia , Rent Control-Zambia