The law governing social security schemes in Zambia

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Munsaka, Janice Slaighter
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for years now everyone has imown that most of the elderly people have suffered from serious economic deprivation, that their incomes were inadequate, that inflation exacerbated the situation by reducing real incomes and eroding savings, and that the aged were one of the largest poverty groups in the country. The situation is more complex due to the nation's negative response to the economic plight of the elderly. Security in old-age has become one of the most pressing problems needin™ solutions.That the greater part of the population is exposed to the evils of want and dependency in old-age is a problem prevailing in Zambia today. Men and women are left destitutes and neglected after a life time of useful activity to the economic development of Zambia. Zambia has however, attempted in a variety of ways to implement certain lav;s so as to mitigate the lot of the aged poor yet this problem still eludes a radical solution.This dissertation is a study of social security schemes in Zambia which have been launched and implemented in an attempt to alleviate the social and economic plight of the poor.The importance of this study is underlined by the fact that Zambia, like any other country possess social security legislations but that such legislation have proved to be inadequate in meeting the desired goals and expectations.The dissertation examines a number of different statutes providing social security in Zambia and their appropriateness or otherwise to the conditions of modern Zambia.The work is divided into five Chapters.Chapter One is more of an introductory chapter, discussing the problem-s that are found in trying to give an internationally accepted definition to the concept of social security. Chapter Two gives an historical background to the social security schemes dating way back during the Colonial rule in Zambia (then known as Northern Rhodesia). Chapter Four examines the feasibility of a Comprehensive national security scheme.e whereby every citizen could be covered and not only those in regular employment. Here some relevant experience drawn from other countries are examined and assessed.
Social security , Law and legislation -- Zambia