he significance and fundamental importance of administrative tribunals: What is their role in the legal machinery

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Kaunda, Kapulwa
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The subject of Administrative and Appeals Tribunals is one of the most important subjects under the Socio-economic areas of every citizen in this country. This is why it should be brought to at least everyone's attention and also make it known that the state is looked at for the management and provision of socio-welfare services.Therefore, the Tribunal's main concern is to look into the appeals of citizens as regards the disputes arising from government agencies and individuals or between two individuals in a less formal manner than is normal in a court of law. However, it should be pointed out that the main difference from the ordinary courts is their composition, their members being lawyers, judges or laymen with a specialised knowledge of the field in which the tribunal operates.In light of the foregoing it can clearly be said that the effectiveness of these tribunals is not very sound due to a few drawbacks here and there. Their progress is still in transition and these Tribunals are yet to achieve steady progress.
Administrative court , Administrative procedure--Zambia