The role of Divine Providence Home in caring for aged homeless

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Chivunga, Sarah
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This research study sought to determine the role of Divine Providence Home in Chawama Compound in caring for the aged homeless. The objectives of this study were to identify the types of care given to the aged in the Home, to determine government's contribution to the Home for the aged, to identify the constraints faced by the institutions in rendering care to the aged homeless.The study was expected to assist the policy makers in coming up with ways and means of addressing this immense problem of aged homeless.Since sample was small and purpose. The purposive sampling technique was used to obtain sample from the population. The study used a qualitative research design case study. Research was conducted among elderly population who were unable to read and write, the interview guide was used as the tool for data collection. Data analysis was analysed qualitatively to generate the most significant categories of themes.The results of the finding showed that the Home providers services such as food, clothes, accommodation, transport, laundry, health facilities, water and entertainment, transport and caters for all other expenses that occur such as funerals. They are also helped spiritually and counselling is also offered.Results also indicate that the home faces constraints such as lack of proper security system, inadequate facilities such as washing machine, no geyser for heating bathing water for the elderly people, lack of health facilities such as walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, disinfectants; lack of strong policy to protect the elderly from being abandon by their families. HIV/AIDS as one of the main contributions to this situation. Poor economic situation or high poverty levels as the contributing factors to high number of aged homeless also level of education of the clients.COMMON REASONS FOR ADMISSION Common reasons for admission to the Home includes; no one to take care of the elderly people; accused of being practising witchcraft, some are brought to the Home by the church, people, neglected by society, some are stranded from other countries and some because of being handicapped.
Geriatric Nursing , Old People-Dwelling , Old People-Social Conditions