Exploring the experiences of patients with total hip replacement after discharge from Hospital at Zambia-Italian Orthopedic Hospital and the Beit Cure International Hospita

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Vuniwe, Sakala
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The aim of the study was to explore the experiences of patients with THR after discharge at the ZIOH and BCH in Lusaka Zambia. The objectives were: 1. to explore patient's experiences in their homes after THR. 2. To identify the precautions that are given to patients on discharge. 3. To understand how the surgery has affected their activities of daily living.Design: A qualitative explorative study. Data was collected using an interview guide and was recorded using a recorder; responses from participants were transcribed, reviewed and double checked for accuracy. Themes were developed from the respondent's responses and coding was done. Participants were interviewed on different days after being discharged. Thematic analysis of the transcripts was used.Sample: Six patients were recruited who underwent THR from the two hospitals.Findings: Participants reported dramatic improvements in pain and disability. Some participants suffered from distress over body image related to the artificial joint and had difficulties coping at home with activities of daily living. This report also suggests possible interventions to deal with these problems.
Total hip replacement.