A study to investigate students' under-utilization of the counselling services of the University of Zambia

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Mooto, Lloyd
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The low utilisation of the University of Zambia Counselling Centre by the students prompted this study. The study sought to identify factors leading to under-utilisation of the Counselling services of the university of Zambia, it also sought to establish the students' awareness of the university of Zambia counselling facility. Further, the study sought to find out the programmes offered by the university of Zambia Counselling unit. Descriptive research design was used in order to depict the factors that caused the under-utilisation. A study sample of 100 students was used. The report findings revealed, among others, that the central location of the counseling centre has no privacy and therefore, it is a threat to students, it revealed that most of the students were aware of the existence of the centre but did not know the services it offers. Additionally, it was revealed that the work-hours for counselling and the hours for lectures do coincide, it was also revealed that there was shortage of man-power at the University of Zambia Counselling Unit. Further, it was revealed that the centre handles such problems as those concerned with psycho-social, academic, vocational or career, gender, accommodation,* or religious or spiritual counselling, it also makes recommendations for a bursary scheme to bursaries committee and work study programme to the university of Zambia Registrar's office, for needy (vulnerable) students in order to improve their financial status. The study, as well, revealed that the centre has only one programme which involves student participation. The programme is called Stop Hiv Aids Reach Every Student (SHARES).It is recommended that the counselling centre should establish a number of ways of publicizing its services. It is also recommended that the centre be either relocated to a place of utmost privacy or there should be an added shift for counselling (night shift). The university of Zambia Council should employ more counselors. Further, the counselling centre should promote greater involvement of students in its' activities.
Counselling Services-Unversity-Zambia , Educational Counselling