Mastering the psychology of teaching and learning.

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Munsaka, Ecloss
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University of Zambia Press
A number of books have been written on theories of learning. Most of these books have presented learning theories alongside topics that deal with developmental aspects of learners such as cognitive development, social development, personality development, and physical development. Some books have even incorporated issues pertaining to special education. This approach of covering the theories of learning has been helpful in that it has enabled teachers, at various levels, to have a more comprehensive understanding of their learners. Nevertheless, though, this holistic coverage may have made it difficult for some educators to appreciate the depths of each learning theory. Thus, this book has been written in order to give the four main theories of learning, namely; behavioural theories, social cognitive theories, cognitive theories, and the humanistic theories, a more specialised focus. To make educators have a better understanding of these learning theories, examples depicting real classroom situations have been used throughout the book. These examples have been further brought to life through linking them to motivational techniques that are used in different learning theories. I hope that educators, at various levels, and parents, find the material contained in this book, a useful instructional tool both in formal and informal teaching-learning situations.
The book covers various learning theories and motivation.
Educational psychology.