The law on pornography in Zambia: Its relevance and efficacy

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Kaingu, Soi
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Pornography and obscenity are not subjects that have very recently received much limelight. Their definitions differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but it is generally accepted that they have a sexual coronation to them. Although mainly seen as a moral issue, there are two main legal questions surrounding this vice. Firstly, what are the justifications for legislating against pornography? How far should the law go in legislating against pornography especially with regards to the advent of Human rights in Zambia? Secondly, what is the law governing pornography in Zambia and how efficient is it? The first question is especially important because pornography was until recently regarded as a moral issue which did not warrant the intervention of the law. This view is exacerbated by the advent of human rights and it is argued that civil liberties must be respected and instances when they can be derogated from must form the exception and not the norm. This is to say that human rights should not be easily derogated from, and especially not for a reason that has a shaky moral basis. The second question focuses particularly on Zambia. In this regard, the law in Zambia on this issue has been critically analyzed, presenting not only its weaknesses but its strengths as well. The paper discusses the justification of this law but goes further to show whether the law in Zambia is efficient in combating the vice.
Obscenity(law)-Zambia , Pornography-Zambia