Employee Management System

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Simaanya, Mweemba
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Employees are the backbone of any company therefore their management plays a major role in deciding the success of an organization [1]. Employees Management Software makes it easy for the employer to keep track of all records. This software allows the administrator to edit employees, add new employees, transfer/promote/terminate employees. Each employee in the database is associated with a position can be added and edited when need arises. Employees can be transferred between positions easily without having to retype back their information in the database. You can check to see if there are duplicate positions/employees in the database. Most of all, the employer can assign tasks to employees and assess their progress in order to keep track of employee performance. A flexible and easy to use Employee Management software solution for small and medium sized companies provides modules for personnel information management thereby organization and companies are able to manage the crucial organization asset - people [2]. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning Human Resource processes along with the organizational goals. This system brings about an easy way of maintaining the details of employees working in any organization. It is simple to understand and can be used by anyone who is not even familiar with simple employees system. It is user friendly and just asks the user to follow step by step operations by giving easy to follow options. It is fast and can perform many operations for a company. The goal of this project is to design and develop an employee management system to fill existing gaps in the electronic management of employees.
Employee Management System , Supervision of Employees