Knowledge and skills of midwives on antenatal care in Livingstone district,Southern province,Zambia

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Libingi, Muleya Linda
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The University of Zambia
Livingstone District in Southern Province of Zambia has a high number of maternal deaths. This study was exploring midwives’ knowledge and skills on antenatal care (ANC). A descriptive cross-sectional study comprising 89 respondents conveniently sampled from Livingstone Central Hospital and six (6) urban clinics was conducted. The data was collected using a self-administered questionnaire and clinical structured observational skills checklist and processed and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. Descriptive statistics was used to describe data. Chi-square test was used to test associations between the outcome variables (knowledge and skills) and other independent variables (midwives’ characteristics; work organization and environment; and job satisfaction). The significant level was set at 0.05 with confidence interval of 95%. Knowledge levels on first ANC were high 65 (73%). Surprisingly, 55 (61.8%) did not have the required clinical skills to offer ANC. Additionally, 62 (70%) of the respondents had received supervision within the last 6 months prior to data collection. However, less than half, 37 (41.6%), had undergone in-service training in reproductive health. Possible enhancements include good and prompt ANC as an important activity that should be rendered to all pregnant mothers. The study revealed that the knowledge levels of midwives were high compared to the skills levels. The implications are that the midwives have more knowledge on ANC than the skills which can make them not to detect early the pregnancy related complications which leads to high numbers of maternal deaths. These include pre-eclampsia and ante partum haemorrhage. Intensive onsite supportive mentorship and supervision to midwives should be strengthened to improve knowledge and skills so that they offer quality ANC by prompt identification, treatment and referral of any abnormality detected. Key words: Antenatal, Antenatal care, Midwife, Knowledge, Skills
Antenatal care--Midwives--Zambia , Midwives--Maternal knoweldge and skills--Zambia