The provision of library services, to primary school going children in Zambia: a case of selected primary school libraries in Lusaka.

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Chisunka-Mwila, Chitundu P.
Daka, Kaoma, L
Mwiinga, Mwanachingwala Thabiso, M.
M'kulama, Abel, C. M
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Library and information association of Zambia journal
This study investigated the provision of Library services to primary school going children in Lusaka. Nine primary schools were selected based on the availability of libraries in the schools. The study sought to identify and describe library facilities and services provided at the schools. It also investigated the qualifications of the school librarians. The study went on to investigate the challenges faced and made a few recommendations to mitigate those challenges. In carrying out the research, the schools were visited during which time, the School librarians were interviewed. In addition, physical examinations of the facilifies and resources was done. The findings indicated that the library services that were offered to school going children were in the form of literature (books) fiction and non-fiction and supplementary books for different subjects, audiovisual (AV) materials. Other services included information literacy training, reading lessons and story time. The study further revealed that the librarians were all trained and their qualifications ranged from certificate to degree level in library and Information Science. The challenges faced included inadequate time allocated to library periods, insufficient budgets, and lack of library management systems among others. The study recommended that every school should have a school library, more fime should be allocated to library periods, library management systems should be installed and all school librarians should possess the necessary qualificafions. It further recommended that since a library is core, librarians should not fall under support staff but should be at the same level as teachers or better depending on the qualifications. In addition, the Zambia library Service should sensitize all the stakeholders on the importance of School Libraries. KEYWORDS: School Libraries, library services, library resources, children.
School Libraries--Zambia , Library services--Zambia , library resources-- Children--Zambia