A study of the refugee defination and the effectiveness of UNHCR in protecting and promoting the rights of refugees

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Banda, Liya
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While the term 'refugee' has no universally accepted definition, it has been defined from different perspectives by different authors defined within international law and national legislation. The main purpose for reconsidering the definition of the refugee in this study is to point out the rights and obligations that emanate from particular definitions. This study aims to look at how the term 'refugee' is defined in different regions of the world and by UNHCR. The general definition adopted by the General Assembly in connection with the establishment of UNHCR will be examined in order to see if it serves the purpose of spelling out competence and mandate of UNHCR in relation to individuals and States. Without a clear identification of who a refugee is, it is difficult to identify the appropriate responses and solutions to the refugee crisis. This study aims at showing how defining a refugee can help States and organisations such as UNHCR determine their obligations or the absence thereof.
Refugees- Legal rights, laws , Human rights , Asylum , Office of the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees