Complications of Hypertension seen at the University Teaching Hospital

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Chibowa, Margaret C
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This descriptive study aimed at determining the common complications among hypertensive patients at the University teaching Hospital was conducted over a period of six months. Two hundred and fifty patients were prospectively evaluated for complications of hypertension clinically and by laboratory methods. Target organ damage of the brain, heart and kidneys were evaluated while all patients had electrocardiogram, urinalysis, blood sugar, urea and electrolytes and echocardiogram. The study has demonstrated that: a.More women are seen with hypertension than males. b.Hypertension tends to peak between 40 to 49 years of age for both sexes. c.Most of the patients seen had both systolic and diastolic hypertension d.The blood pressures at interview were high in most patients with a mean systolic pressure of 160 and diastolic of 103 mmHg. e.More than half of the patients had hypertensive retinopathy with 13% having severe retinopathy. f.More than half the patients (64%) had left ventricular hypertrophy g.One hundred and thirty-two patients (52.8%) had proteinuria in this study. h.Neurological deficits were seen in eighty-four patients (33.6%)at time of interview. This study has demonstrated that most patients seen at the University Teaching Hospital have hypertensive complications.