An assessment of major educational policies in Zambia from 1964 to 2015: lessons for the future.

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Mwanza, Peggy
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UNZA Press
This chapter provides an understanding and evaluation of major educational policies in Zambia from 1964, the date of political independence, to 2015. Policies are often formulated in response to a problem or set of problems. At independence, Zambia inherited a small and racially segregated educational system from the British. Therefore, there was an urgent need to expand education at all levels to eliminate racial segregation, combat inequities and create an educated workforce. There has been a wave of educational reforms in this sector over the years. While some are steps in the right direction, implementation remains a challenge. This chapter shows that most educational policies in the country are either insufficiently implemented or are not implemented at all. Action is urgently required on the part of the government and other stakeholders if these policies are to achieve their original intention.
Education policy--Access--Equity--Dropout rate-Zambia , Education and policy--Zambia. , Access and equity--Education--Zambia. , School drop outs--Zambia.