An assessment of the Small-Scale irrigation technology(Treadle Pump) in enhancing agricultural productivity in Zambia

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Sakeni, Hilgard Chongo
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This study was conducted in Katuba and Chanyanya areas on the outskirts of Lusaka. The sample constituted of 40 small-scale farmers who were interviewed. The study was aimed at evaluating the small-scale irrigation technology as regards its appropriateness to the farmers' conditions. The study had three objective areas. The first was to assess the appropriateness of Treadle pumps to the area's conditions. The second objective was to assess its contribution to the farmer's welfare, and thirdly to asses the IDE's effectiveness of information dissemination. The survey revealed that over 100% were in favour of the technology and cited lack of electricity and plenty of water in the areas as reasons for its appropriateness. Further, the lack of financial resources for the operation of more advanced technology made the Treadle Pumps attractive. Sixty percent of the respondents benefited from the loan facility. However, most women did not benefit because of the cultural reasons and therefore felt that it was more adapted to men. However, generally very few people have benefited from Treadle Pumps because they lack finances to purchase them for cash. This has also been aggravated by IDE's lack of capacity to loan pumps on a large scale. Further IDE's lack of funding has also affected its marketing strategy as it fails to advertise adequately.
Irrigation-Zambia , Agricultural Innovation-Zambia , Treadle Pump