A critical analysis of the legal and institutional safeguards of women's rights in Zambia

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Chenda, Tafara
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Every society in the world has vulnerable parties or groups that are prone to abuse and thus require special protection both by the Law and certain prescribed institutions. In as much as human rights are inherent, these rights are rendered meaningless if they are not protected and enforced by the relevant institutions.In Zambian society women are particularly vulnerable to abuse. This is due to many factors such as, cultural, social and economic factors. Further, some laws such as Customary Law also tend to contribute to the abuse of women's rights. Incidentally, actions which would otherwise be an affront to women's rights are rendered acceptable in light of Customary Law.Therefore, it is very important that there are certain safeguards in place both at Law and institution wise to ensure that the rights of women are enforced and protected. In light of the foregoing, this Obligatory Essay is thus a critical analysis of the legal and institutional safeguards of women's rights in Zambia.In this regard, the Legal safeguards include the Constitution, The Penal Code, The Intestate Succession Act, The Matrimonial Causes Act and various international instruments on women's' rights. The institutional safeguards on the other hand include. The Police (The Victims Support Unit) the Judiciary Young Women's Christian Association and Women and Law in Southern Africa.
Women's rights(safeguards)-Zambia