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    (Unza Press, 2023) Okafor, Stella Akuabata Dozie
    Moments, the title of this book, is the difference you make at any point in your life either as a child, youth, adolescent, and adult (young, middle or old age). That defining imprint on your experiences in life, and the lessons they teach you, with which you grow in life. They involve the positive and negative their impact, and how they define you as you move on in life. Moments can be short, moderate, or long term.Take those steps, make those imprints - rightly or wrongly. Collectively, these moments go a long way to define who you are, as a person, whether your role is that of a mother who stays at home to care for her family; a player in the corporate world; a politician; a wellknown entertainer or whatever you do. It is always about the moment(s) and how it affects you and the way you make a difference, wherever you are, because you are important and your actions or inactions always count.
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    (2023) Okafor, Stella Akuabata Dozie
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    Zango:Journal of Contemporary Issues
    (UNZA PRESS, 2014) ZANGO; Various
    Zango: Zambian Journal of Contemporary Issues is a bi-annual publication of the University of Zambia. The articles accepted for publication in Zango should be on topical issues affecting the nation, Africa and the world as a whole. These should be scholarly insights and should contribute something to the advancement of knowledge.
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    Standing in the circle: images of old people in African literature.
    (UNZA PRESS, 2014) Chilala, Cheela F.K.
    A lot has been written about the portrayal of women in African literature, but very little has been written on how the old are portrayed. This work focuses on portraits of old men and women in African literature. Are they positive or negative? What factors influence the portraiture of the old? Is there a correlation between the portrayal and treatment of elderly characters in African fiction and society? Are the old portrayed the same in African literature as they are in Western literature?
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    Extension education at the university of Zambia: issues, problems and possible solutions.
    (UNZA PRESS, 2014) Chakanika, Wanga W.,; Lifuka, Mukumbi; Zulu, Nyondwa; Phiri, Davies
    The desire to respond to the manpower shortage that hit the country at independence culminated into the provision of University Extension Education in Zambia. In order to produce the much-needed manpower to feed the labour market, the University of Zambia employed Resident Lecturers in all the provincial centres. Their role was that of implementing University Education to the community. However, some issues surrounding the policy and execution of University Extension Education have resulted into problems and challenges in its provision and achievements. Some of these issues concern the management style, financing, infrastructure, admission requirements and user fees. The major problems that have resulted from such issues include access and equity, imbalances across fields of study, accessibility and user-friendliness of administrative systems, lack of human resource, lack of teaching and learning materials, poor communication and low participation levels. Some of the recommendations that have been made in this article as a solution to these problems include lowering the user fees, paying tutors attractive allowances, designing courses based on the needs of a particular community and building permanent structures for extension education and of university standard.