Evaluation of Communication Strategies used by Micro Finance Organisations:A case study of Micro Bankers Trust in Lusaka

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Chileshe, Beatrice Chimfwembe
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This research looks at communication about the small loan schemes provided by micro finance organizations to entrepreneurs. The research gives a case study of a non-government organization called Micro Bankers Trust, which is situated in Roma Township Lusaka Zambia. The focus is to evaluate the communication strategies used by Micro Bankers Trust with its clients. In the research document, the first chapter gives an overview of Zambia, the historical background, traditional setting and economic transformation. The second chapter gives the survey background outlining the loan scheme and a general view of the innovation of micro financing. The same chapter also gives the problem statement, rationale, and objectives of the research. In the third chapter, the researcher explains the methodology used in the research. A detailed outline of what approach was taken in carrying out the research questions, research methods, sampling procedure, data gathering and data analysis. Chapter four, of the research document gives a conceptual and theoretical framework. This chapter covers conceptualisation and operationalisation; it gives definitions of the concepts of theories, presentation of the main theories and how they apply to the study. In chapter five, the researcher gives a literature review of the subject of the research. It reveals the past research work and findings in the area of Micro Finance in the world at large, Africa, Zambia and in Lusaka. The literature review further, gives an insight of information dissemination, groups, social change and social marketing.
Communication Strategies,micro bankers, finance, micro finance