Communication as a major tool in enhancing self-sustainability among refugees at Maken skills training centre, Lusaka

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Mubanga, Nondo
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This Practical Attachment report is based on a PA that the student carried out at Makeni Skills Training Centre (MSTC) The report reveals that the ever-increasing numbers of refugees fleeing their countries of origin has made it financially difficult for sympathising agents to help fully They are only able to provide basics such as food, water, shelter, and other necessities. Much as the basics are provided, emphasis is now being placed on refugees' self-sustenance. This is because people have realised that given an enabling environment, refugees can develop and sustain themselves. The PA was a follow up of the activities carried out by the refugees and their service providers at the Centre. It showed that with more effort from both parties, the refugees could be more self- sustaining. The problems experienced by refugees include slow registration process of MSTC, inadequate funds to run the incubator Project, marketing of refugees' goods and services, and the issuance of credentials such as permits. It has been noted that the root cause of most of the problems being experienced is the lack of participatory communication It is for this reason that the author especially recommends, among other things that participatory communication be employed by both the refugees and their service providers. This should be seen at each stage of trying to promote self-sustenance among the refugees.
Communiction -- Refugees -- Lusaka , Refugees, Political , Communication in Community development , Refugees -- International cooperation