Model study of Tuyere erosion in refining

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Hara, Tomlinson Komani
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The erosion of Tuyeres in Refining has been studied in a Physical Model to establish the dependence upon injection conditions such as gas momentum and orifice profile.The erosion phenomena in terms of Mass transfer-mechanisms has also been studied.A coefficient of Mass transfer kc< , has been determined to accommodate the fluctuating nature of the flow.This has been found to be dependent on gas injection rate at a particular nozzle diameter.The dependence of the erosion mechanism on the original orifice diameter has been determined, A relationship of the final diameter with the Modified Froude Number and the original orifice dimensions has been defined.The rate at which the diameter increases with time has also been determined.The final bubble contact radius has been found to be influenced by the high gas momentum and kinetic energy which promote erosion, as such lateral erosion which is the erosion due to the washing or spreading effect of the bubble growth also depends on these, Axial erosion has been found to be affected mostly by inertial forces.It is also dependent on the amount of liquid entrained in the Tuyere. Two'-phase flow experiments show that liquid entrained in a Tuyere is to a great extent dependent on the gas flowrates in use. As the process approaches jetting conditions, the percent volume liquid entrained is greatly reduced. Bubble detachment has also been found to affect axial erosion.
Minerology , Mining Engineering , Metals--Refining