Impact of management styles exhibited by School Heads on Staff performance in selected High Schools in Kawambwa District of Luapula Province

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Chafwa, Friday
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The primary purpose of this research was to assess the impact of management styles exhibited by practising school heads on teacher performance in selected government high schools. Interview schedules and questionnaires were used to capture data from respondents, though the questionnaire was the major instrument used in the study. Self-administered questionnaires were used to gather data from 40 respondents from two selected high schools namely St. Mary’s, and Ng’ona High schools in Kawambwa District, Luapula Province. The sample size of 40 comprised 36 randomly selected high school teachers while 4 high school heads and deputy heads were purposively selected for the study. The case study found that the school heads in selected schools exhibited all three major management styles, namely the democratic, authoritarian and laissez fare in the supervision of teachers, but the democratic management style was found to be the most predominant followed by the authoritarian management style while the least was the laissez fare management style. The study also found that among the three management styles exhibited by school heads, the democratic management style was found to have the most impact (positive impact) on teacher performance. The democratic management style impacted positively on teachers by energizing and motivating them to work hard while both the authoritarian and the laissez fare management styles impacted negatively on teacher performance by frustrating and demotivating staff in the selected government high schools. The study identified the factors impacting teacher performance as management styles of school heads, teaching materials/teaching aids, overcrowded classes, the working environment and conditions of service.The findings confirm my starting point that the management styles exhibited by high school heads have an impact on teacher performance. The study has also revealed that there is a relationship between management styles exhibited by school heads and teacher performance.The research should aid and encourage school heads, deputies and supervisors in educational settings to exhibit democratic management styles that would help to improve working relationships, teacher motivation, teacher performance and supervision while at the same time contribute to school improvement and school effectiveness.
School Personnel Management , Schools...Management and Organization