Spartial variations in attitudes towards desired number of children among women in Chieftainess Nyanje's Area

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Banda, Alikipo Penias Greata
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This study compares, explains and analyses variations in attitudes towards desired number of children amonr, uanen in three locslities in Chieftainess Myanje's area, Eastern Province, Zambia.This involves analysis of a variety of variables which previous studies suggest may influence the number of children desired. These include distance from the hospital, number of surviving children, rate of attendance at antenatal clinics, woman's age, woman's level of education attainment, household income, number of infant/child deaths experienced by each woman, length of woman's stay in urban environments, husband's occupation and religious affiliation.The dissertation commences with a discussion of world wide spatial and socio-economic influences upon desired number of children.The choice of study area and samples therein are then explained. The population distribution in the area and economic activities are considered and the demographic characteristics of the study population are described.The analysis of the data is preceeded by a discussion of existing local values concerning the desired number of children and the processes by which these are sought. The number of children desired by the women in the three sub-samples are then analysed to identify spatial variations in the study area. This pattern is then analysed in relation to the chosen variables to identify the relative influence of the variables. Because of the nature of the data the analysis relies primarily upon the chi-square, Pearson correlation coefficient, student 't' test, one uay analysis of variance and the Spearman's rank correlation coafficient tests. In conclusion the dissertation relates the findings from this sample to the national demographic and economic situation in Zambia and considers the relationship of these findings to those of existing studies.
Child Rearing---Zambia , Parenting---Zambia