Lusaka residents' perceptions of the creation of Munali Girls High School out of Munali Secondary School

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Daka, Rosaria Mambo
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Largely employing the qualitative methodology, the study reports the perceptions of some Lusaka residents on the creation of Munali Girls High School out of Munali Secondary School. The study reveals participants' perceptions; the most reported being the fact of providing a High School for girls around Munali area. Some former pupils of Munali Secondary School charged that in creating a girls' school out of Munali Secondary School, the philosophy of 'One Zambia One Nation' had been overlooked because in its original slate, the school had brought pupils from different parts of Zambia. Former pupils and some participants who had never been to Munali Secondary School argued that the school was the first government secondary school, which should have been left untouched for historical reasons. Achimota High School in Ghana was the point of reference for the participants in the research who argued against the splitting of the school. Teachers at the Girls High School deplored the unequal sharing of the infrastructure, the unbecoming behaviour of the girls and the poor grade twelve results recorded by the school. In concluding the study a recommendation has been made to the effect that brand new schools for girls in Lusaka ought to be built while Munali Girls High School and Munali Boys High School receive a face lift through rehabilitation and building of additional structures and that this restoration should be followed up with a declaration of the two schools as heritage site.
Secondary Schools , Munali School - Boys , Munali School - Girls