A study to determine knowledge, attitude and practices towards malaria prevention in Misisi compound - Lusaka.

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Akakubelwa, Munalula.
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The aim of the study was to determine knowledge, attitudes and practices of residents of Misisi compound towards the prevention of malaria. The general objective was to find out what the community was doing in preventing and controlling malaria and what difficulties they were encountering. Literature review was done from the global, regional and national perspectives both empirically and theoretically and was based on the factors causing malaria and methods of prevention with special regard to community activities and participation. A descriptive study using a structured interview schedule and focus group discussion was used. A systematically selected random sample of 50 heads of household participated in the study, after a pilot study was conducted on a systematically selected random sample of 10 heads of households of Kanyama compound. Data was collected in a period of 10 days from the 20th to the 30th of August 2000. The data was analyzed manually and presented in tables and cross tabulations. It was hoped that this information would be used by the relevant authorities to enable them make decisions on strategies to use for preventing and controlling malaria. The study results revealed that majority of the respondents had adequate knowledge on the cause, treatment and prevention of malaria and 50% of these respondents got their information from health centers.
malaria --Lusaka --prevention.