A study to determine the review of the initiation currriculum for girls at puberty in view of HIV/AIDS in Lusaka urban.

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Changwe, Fredah Chiyawa C.
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The main aim of the study was to review the curriculum of initiation of girls at puberty, in view of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, in Lusaka Urban. The study was a descriptive qualitative design; and was conducted in three (3) compounds of Lusaka namely, George, Matero and Kaunda Square. Data was collected using the non-participant observation and focus group discussions. Literature for the study was obtained from studies done and observations of initiations a long time ago mainly by expatriates. Literature was to do with HIV/AIDS and also initiation of girls. The Samples (3) were selected from a sampling frame of all Compounds in Lusaka, obtained from Civic Centre. The sampled compounds were three (3). Three tribes were also selected using simple random sampling method. a list of all major tribes was drawn, every 5th tribe was picked and included in the sample. The study results revealed that initiators lack knowledge on HIV/AIDS. And also that girls are not taught to adopt safe sex practices during initiation. It was noted that the initiators hold a very important and influential position in society. Therefore educating them on HIV/AIDS may add value to the program of initiation of girls at puberty.
Girls --Rites and Ceremonies. , Initiation rites --HIV/AIDS --sex factors --Lusaka urban. , Initiation rites.